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Technical re-equipment of substation 110/10 kV for Kachkanar mining plant

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UES — Project

Successfully completed technical re-equipment of the substation "PS-10" 110/10 kV Kachkanar mining plant with the replacement of two transformers with a capacity of 16 MVA transformers with a capacity of 25 MVA.

At the request of the customer and to avoid large production losses GOK, work had to be done without a complete shutdown of power supply of consumers, therefore, according to the project developed by the division of "UES-Project", construction proceeded in two stages and with minimal outages.

The state of the substation prior to commencement of work

Survey work

Conducted topography and geodesy areas, as well as technical inspection of foundations, transformers and switchgear-110/10 kV.


Development of management project construction in two stages with a high degree of compactness of the construction site, located on the territory of the acting company, and the proximity of objects under tension.

Construction and planning

Disassembly-Assembly outdoor switchgear-110 kV, reconstruction of the foundations of transformers, construction of foundations, installation of portals 110 kV, construction of outdoor switchgear-110 kV, installation of bus bridge 10 kV, reconstruction of indoor switchgear 10 kV, technical re-equipment of the substation control house.

Delivery of electrical equipment

Portals tire and cells 110 kV, oil immersed power transformers, the supporting metal structure with a set of switching and measuring equipment 110 kV switching equipment of indoor switchgear 10 kV, cable racks, bus bridge 10 kV, relay protection cabinets, power supply system.


Adjustment of systems of protection relays, individual testing equipment and comprehensive testing to evaluate the health of the entire substation.

Delivery of object authorities "RTN"

Currently, the facility is put into operation.

Technical re-equipment of substation 110/10 kV allowed to increase the capacity of the substation and to satisfy the need Kachkanarsky ore mining and processing plant in electricity due to increased production volumes and raw material extraction.

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