[X] [X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X]Switchgear 110kV — High-voltage equipment for transformer substations.

Switchgear 110kV

outdoor switchgear
Circuit breakers 110kV
Gas tank
VEB-110 NF1, N1VGT-110 NF1, N1
Gas сoring
LTB 145 D1/B NF1
Disconnectors 110 kV
with manual drive
RPD-110 NF1
Сurrent transformers 110 kV
with epoxy insulation
TRG-110 NF1TG-145 NF1
Voltage transformers

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Switchgear 110 kV

for Kurpsyaskya HPP

Technical re-equipment

of substation 110/6 kV "Mokhovaya"

Reconstruction 110 kV

of Novo-Sterlitamak TPP

Electrical equipment

for Purovsky plant

Technical re-equipment

of substation for Kachkanar

Small switchgear 110 kV

for "Artel Staratelyei Neiva"