General information

Design and survey works:

  • the functions of the General designer,
  • preparing reports of geological engineering and a comprehensive survey of objects,
  • prepare the planning map of the land,
  • preparation of information on external networks, the development of special sections of project documentation,
  • projects on environmental protection and fire safety,
  • completing state expertise of projects.

The division of our company "UES-Project" performs design work both independently and in collaboration with leading industry institutions. On the basis of specialization of the customer and the project, the company selects the mobile project team on the object of specialists in various areas of designing, taking into account individual requirements of the customer to the project.


Supply and supervision of equipment.

The equipment ranges from 50 to 70% of the cost of the contract and has the highest importance in the implementation of the project, as it directly affects the timing, quality and cost of the project.

Our company is a dealer and partner of many manufacturers, and performs delivery of high-voltage equipment, both primary and secondary for modular transformer substations (high-frequency communication, remote control, the system of DC etc), and performs any warranty provided by the manufacturers, and controls the installation and maintenance of the supplied equipment.


Construction and installation works:

  • the functions of General contractor electric power facilities in excess of 110 kV,
  • external electrical networks from 0.4 up to 330 kV,
  • commissioning of power transformers, measuring transformers, switchgear, relay protection devices, system of operational direct current, communication systems, electric machines and electric drives. Work is performed by highly-qualified linear and technical personnel, with the participation of manufacturers of substation and its elements, components object construction.

Choosing organization to subcontract for civil works carried out on the principle of territorial proximity to the construction or reconstruction object as well as the recommendations and wishes of the customer.


The submission objects to the regional departments of Rostechnadzor:

  • During the project, our company cooperates with regional offices of the "RTN", ensuring the smooth and timely delivery of the object.
  • For the period of project implementation, the company appoints the Head project with the constant presence of the latter directly on the work site.

During the project, our company carries out insurance as equipment for the period of delivery and installation, and the entire object on the principle of "combined insurance", taking into account all the possible adverse factors and their consequences before the expiration of the warranty period for the work and equipment.