Replacement transformers at substations "Severelectro"

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Every day in Bishkek and Chui oblast is about 20-30 emergency power outages. In this regard, and also in connection with the preparation for the autumn-winter season the management of the largest distribution company in Kyrgyzstan JSC "Severelectro" it was decided to replace 10 MVA transformers for more powerful.

At the substation 35/10 kV "Lebedinovka" in Chui oblast, 35/6 kV substation "Penko-Djutovaya" and 35/6-10 kW "Severnaya", in Bishkek were delivered transformers SFZ10-16000/35 kV, and at the substation 35/6 kV "Centralnaya-2", Bishkek - SFZ10-25000/35 kV. All equipment production Sanbian Sci-Tech Co.

The chief-installation works on all substations were conducted by our specialists.

Due to installation of new transformers power above substations increased by 68.3 MVA. It will allow to solve the problem of overload substations and to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity to consumers.

It is the third delivery of power transformers production Sanbian Sci-Tech Co for energy industry of Kyrgyzstan. In may and november of this year have been delivered transformers 110 kV for "Oshskaya" TPP, SS 110/35/6(10 kV) "Abdykalykova", substation 110/35/10 kV "Novo-Ujnaya", SS 110/10 kV "Aini". And two dry transformers with voltage of 15 kV for "Corpaiskaya" and the "Tashkumyr" HPP.