Realizing of a large project for "Kimkano-Sutarsky" mining plant

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Technical re-equipment

of substation 110/6 kV "Mokhovaya"

Technical re-equipment

of substation for Kachkanar

The company "Ural Energy Union" took part in the implementation of a large project — the construction of SS 220/35/6 kV "Tzentralnya-GOK" (for external power supply "Kimkano-Sutarsky mining plant"), providing technical support and putting the following equipment:

Transformers TDTN 63000/220/35/6 NF1
Sanbian Sci-Tech Co (China)
Busbar systems TPLA on 8000A
Current-limiting reactors RTSTG 2х4000
UETM (Russia)
Сurrent transformers TG-245 for switchgear-220
ABB (Germany)
Voltage transformers CPB-245 for switchgear-220
ABB (Germany)
Circuit breakers HPL–245 kV for switchgear-220
ABB (Germany)
Disconnectors RGN for switchgear-220
ZETO (Russia)
Voltage limiters for switchgear-220
ZEU (Russia)
Circuit breakers WWN-SESH-35
Electroshield Samara Group
Disconnectors RGP-SESH-35
Electroshield Samara Group
Voltage and current transformers
Ritz Instrument Transformers 
Voltage limiters for switchgear-35
Switchgear cells 6 kV K-61 series
ZEU (Russia)
Indoor switchgear cells 6 kV K-63 series
Electroshield Samara Group
Protection, control, automation and alarm
Radius-Automatik (Russia)
Power supply system
GFS (Germany)
smoothing reactors RUOM 480
RETZ Energy (Russia)

After commissioning Kimkano-Sutarsky mining will be a key contributor to the Jewish Autonomous district, as well as a strategically important subject for socio-economic development of the Far East, the Republic of Buryatia, TRANS-Baikal territory and the Irkutsk region.