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Implementation enterprise "Science, technology, business in energy" was founded in December 1991 on the initiative and with the support of JSC "Sverdlovenergo". For more than 20-year history of the company his main achievement was the compensation system of the current earth-fault in networks 6-10 kV, including the development and production of power equipment (smoothing reactor RDMR and connecting transformer TMPS, device for controlling currents compensation UARK-105) as well registration, signal or disconnecting the defective instrument of accession.

Many of the company's developments are patented and have no analogues.

The instrument, developed by specialists "NTBE", provides high precision tuning smoothing reactors compensated network. Innovation has allowed us to significantly increase the efficiency of smoothing reactors and virtually eliminate as group disable connections of the substation and CHP, and to minimize phase-to-phase short circuit when earth fault.

No business in the Russian Federation or abroad in such a systematic approach is not practiced. Typically, each element of the system is done by another manufacturer, which does not bear direct responsibility for the final result of the complex operation, not to mention the complexities of procurement, supply, installation, commissioning and operation of this. No prior approval of the component parts of and interest in the final result also reduces the quality and slows down the development and improvement of the system elements.

  Type of cooperation: official dealership