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NTK Interface

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LLC "NTK Interface" (Russia, Yekaterinburg) is advanced specialized enterprise of Federal and regional importance, founded by the initiative group of developers of systems management facilities in 1988 based on the company "Sverdlovsk city electric networks".

The company is engaged in the development, implementation and maintenance of modern and affordable automated systems Supervisory control and automated control systems of technological processes of energy facilities.

The products of "Interface" is a complex of technical means "OIK Dispatcher", consisting of software "OIK Dispatcher NT" (ARIS SCADA) equipment remote control and supervisory mnemonic shield S-2000. The system can be installed in full, which is suitable for large objects, and selectively, in any amount.

Software "OIK Dispatcher" (ARIS SCADA) — proprietary development "NTK Interface", the main advantages of which are easy to understand interface software and convenient function rendering the received data (output data in tables and drawings-the drawings (for example El. diagrams of substations).

Produced "NTK Interface" hardware features available rate (solutions from suppliers from other countries are much more expensive and unstable exchange rate proposals of the Russian manufacturers have become increasingly topical and reliability, proven by time. During the 25 years of its existence on the market of Russia and CIS equipment company was established more than 1,000 companies that have provided its leading position in the segment of the SDA enterprises of electric distribution systems of the Russian power system.

  Type of cooperation: official dealership