Instrument transformers

ZOM-35, ZNOM-35 N1

Single-phase voltage transformers outdoor installation
Transformer ZNOM-35 N1
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Models for delivery:
ZNOM-35 N1
ZOM-1,25/35 N1
ZOM-2,0/35 N1
ZOM-2,0/35 N1

1. General characteristics:

Power range
1,0 / 1,25 / 2,0 kVA
Winding connection ZNOM type
Winding connection ZOM type
Voltage of HV winding
27,5 / 25 kV
Accuracy class
0,5 / 1 / 3
Climatic version

2. Assignment:

Grounding voltage transformers, single-phase, oil-immersed ZNOM type with natural cooling are large-scale converters and are designed to generate the signal measurement information for electrical measuring devices, circuit protection and alarm in AC networks with isolated neutral 50 Hz and 60 Hz.

Transformers are not designed to operate under conditions of shock, vibration, explosive, and reactive environment.

3. Conditions:

Height over sea level
up to 1000 m
Temperature for temperate climates
from −45°С to +40°С
Relative humidity
no more than 80% when +25°C

4. Working resource:

Operating mode
Warranty period
3 years
Full life
not less than 25 years


1. Transformers ZNOM-35:

Ultimate powerHVLV basicLV additionalFull weightOil weight
1,0 kVA27,5 kV0,1 kV0,127 kV80 kg20 kg

2. Power in accuracy classes ZNOM-35:

0,15 kVA0,25 kVA0,6 kV

3. Transformers ZOM-35:

ModelPower, kVAHV, kVLV, kVFull weightOil weight
ZOM-1,25/35 N11,2527,50,2380 kg20 kg
ZOM-2,0/35 N12,0250,2382 kg21 kg
ZOM-2,0/35 N12,027,50,2382 kg21 kg


1. Transformers ZNOM-35:

2. Transformers ZOM-35:


Transformers ZNOM 35 kV (143,6 KB)
technical details
Transformers ZOM 35 kV (131,8 KB)
technical details