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MVZ-Electro LLC

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MVZ-Electro is yekaterinburg company specializing in the design and manufacture of various types of current-limiting reactors: dry air-core, shunt, and compensating filter.

To the main advantages of reactors "MVZ-Electro" are:

  • Wide range of rated currents from 50 to 10000 Ampere;
  • The use of aluminum or copper wire with silicone polymer coating reactors for outdoor installation, to eliminate inter-turn short circuits, as well as to increase the resistance of the reactor to external influencing factors (moisture, conductive dust, salt fog);
  • Specially designed reactor design allows you to perform various angles of the findings, even at different phases of one set;
  • The use of modern insulating materials for insulation class H (+180°C) significantly increases the reliability of the reactor;
  • Small size and weight compared to concrete reactors;
  • Term of manufacturing of reactors from 30 to 60 days from the date of conclusion of the contract for the supply;
  • The lifetime of the reactors is at least 30 years;
  • All devices come with a full 5-year warranty, as are all necessary acceptance tests in accordance with Russian and international standards, confirming the quality and reliability of reactors manufactured by "MVZ-Electro".

  Type of cooperation: official dealership