WGB-35 NF1, T1

Dead tank circuit breakers
Dead tank circuit breaker WGB-35 NF1, T1
Equipment request
ВГБ-35/630A NF1
ВГБ-35/1000A NF1
ВГБ-35/630A T1
ВГБ-35/1000A T1

1. General characteristics:

Rated voltage
35 kV
Maximum operating voltage
40,5 kV
Rated current
630, 1000 A
Short-circuit breaking current
12.5 kA
Aperiodic component
Short circuit making current
35 kA
Short time withstand current (3 seconds)
12.5 kA
Switchable capacitive current
630 A
Own time off
0.04±0.005 s
Full time off
no more than 60 ms
Own time on
0.1+0.03 s
The pressure of the gas at 20°C
0.55 (5.5) MPaабс(kgf/cm)2
Internal and external insulation
95 kV
External insulation with a smooth lifting
105 kV (when it rains 85 kV)
Insulation voltage lightning impulse withstand
190 kV (full), 230 kV (cut)
The length of the leakage path external insulation
105, 125 cm

2. Assignment:

Gas circuit breaker with built-in current transformers series WGB-35 is designed for switching circuits under normal and emergency modes, and to operate in standard cycles in networks with automatic switching of three-phase AC frequency 50-60 Hz rated voltage of 35 kV. Withstand prolonged exposure to voltages of 52 kV and disables the load currents up to 630 A. Can work in a wide range of climatic conditions: from the extreme North (lower working value for the ambient temperature −60°C) to areas with a tropical climate (upper temperature +55°C)

3. Conditions:

Ambient temperature
from −60 to +55°С;
Installation height above sea level
up to 1000 m


3. Device and components:

Complect of the breaker includes an actuator, six high-voltage inputs with built-in current transformers and one gas-tight welded aluminum tank, inside of which is placed interrupter device of the three phases.

Interrupter device, comprising a fixed and movable contacts and coil magnetic blast, used to extinguish the way of rotation of the electric arc in a magnetic field generated by the current flowing through the coil. Movable contacts located at an angle of 120°, is rigidly fixed to the ends of the three-beam insulation of the bar, installed directly on the Central rotary shaft of the tank breaker. Interrupter devices have a minimum number of moving parts, what is the basis of their reliable operation. The heating device is placed under the bottom of the tank, allows operation of the breaker, is filled with pure gas, at low temperatures (down to minus 60°C), one stage of which 800 watt should be included when the air temperature drops to minus 40°C and off at minus 20°C. Terminal-block cabinet equipped with anti-condensation heating on continuously (resistor).

4. Advantages:

  • Full factory readiness, provides an easy and fast installation;
  • The switch comes fully adjusted, filled with gas to the operating pressure;
  • The lack of dynamic loads on the foundation when working on-one support with a lightweight foundation;
  • Simple and reliable interrupter device that contains the minimum possible number of moving parts and working on the principle of rotation of an electric arc in a magnetic field generated by the current flowing through the extinguishing device. This method of clearing warrants to surge even if you disconnect the small inductive currents and off without having breakdowns capacitive currents up to 630 A;
  • Large mechanical and switching resources, providing under normal operating conditions without repair during the lifetime of the breaker;
  • The presence of a single dynamic seal with liquid shutter and high-tech aluminum welded tank ensures a lower level of natural gas leaks;
  • The use of clean gas in the performance of the NF1 (up to minus 60°C);
  • 12 built-in current transformers, allowing in most cases, to renounce the use of external current transformers for outdoor installation;
  • Explosion and fire safety.


Scheme of secondary circuits 630 A (50,1 KB)
Dead tank circuit breaker WGB-35
Scheme of secondary circuits 630 A (51,7 KB)
with 3 protective windings per phase 630 A
Scheme of secondary circuits 1000 A (45,5 KB)
Dead tank circuit breaker WGB-35